Cosmic Collisions!

George Mason Observatory’s ‘Evenings Under the Stars’ series (where you’ll also get to look at awesome galaxies, stars, planets and more through our 0.8 meter telescope!) is back for Spring 2014!  The next event will be Monday, February 10th and will feature a talk by Prof. Jessica Rosenberg on ‘Cosmic Collisions’! Talk at 6:00 PM. Observing starts at 6:30PM until 8:30PM. Arrive at the lobby of Research Hall. As always the event is free and everyone is invited!  We hope you can come out and join us!

Remember that there will only be one talk given during each observing session so make sure you don’t miss it!  Directions to GMU and Research Hall here:   Zoom in to find Research Hall next to engineering building and York River Rd.  Keep an eye on twitter for updates – Just keep an eye out for weather – the event may be postponed or cancelled due to bad conditions – updates will be available here – Observatory Twitter

Cosmic Collisions will look at the role of collisions in galaxy evolution.  Attendees will learn about the structure of galaxies, how far they are from us and what we know and want to find out about them!

Prof. Jessica Rosenberg is an Astronomer and GMU Assistant Professor whose research focuses on the study of the baryonic components of galaxies as a means of placing constraints on galaxy evolution models. In addition she studies the connection between galaxies and gas in the intergalactic medium.